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by heiwako

What a fantastic romp! Oh, Joldi, you have a thing for priests and so do I. It's that whole forbidden thing. Heiwako, as always, you ne...

Aela Redone by GabbyFe
by GabbyFe

I really like this. I enjoyed the textures in this composition and the overall softness of her features and war paint. The colors used ...

Yeah, This Is Pretty Much Me...


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Leslie Mertz aka Lord of Cakes
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Social Worker by day and writer by night.

Leslie Mertz on Skype.

On the Road

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 10, 2015, 6:52 PM

So. My family and I have been on the road for two days now. We left Martinsburg, WV on Wednesday and now we are in Wisconsin, heading for Portland, OR.

I am exhausted.

And this computer is being a wang, so this entry won't be long. I'll be sharing some pics as soon as I have the energy and connectivity to upload them.

My son is in the hotel room, playing Skyrim Minecraft.

Much love to you all.


On the Road

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 10, 2015, 6:52 PM

So. My family and I have been on the road for two days now. We left Martinsburg, WV on Wednesday and now we are in Wisconsin, heading for Portland, OR.

I am exhausted.

And this computer is being a wang, so this entry won't be long. I'll be sharing some pics as soon as I have the energy and connectivity to upload them.

My son is in the hotel room, playing Skyrim Minecraft.

Much love to you all.

Nadine in the Sun-- Myasthenia Gravis Awareness by Lesliewifeofbath
Nadine in the Sun-- Myasthenia Gravis Awareness

Excerpt from The Cracked Crown Series

Nadine was a girl of no consequence, blown to and fro by the winds of chance.  She was the middle daughter of five children born to a tavern keeper and a failed mage.   She was a nobody with a bleak future lingering just over the horizon. But she had something, a spark of the divine. Nadine was blessed with a fateful mixture of curiosity and cunning that would pull her away from the path of drudgery and lead her to a destiny far beyond anyone’s reckoning.

Nadine is a character from the new Cracked Crown Series that is currently in the works. She's also a part of the June Myasthenia Gravis Awareness month project.  MG is a rare autoimmune disorder that not many people know about. Please check out the website to learn more about the disease and show your .  A friend of Whisper292 has this debilitating disease, and we're doing what we can to raise awareness by wearing teal, which is the representative color.

Skyrim Bethesda Softworks©

Modified in Gimp 2.6

High Flying Adored by Lesliewifeofbath
High Flying Adored
My Oblivion gal, Isodole. She'll factor a bit in the next series.

Rendered in Gimp 2.6

Oblivion © 2006 Bethesda Softworks LLC

An Interview with the Dragonborn

Fri May 8, 2015, 11:02 PM

As I'm really busy packing, I really haven't had time (or energy) to start the next series, so I figured I'd sit down with Marceline and pick her brain. Enjoy. If you'd like to do this, the rules for this particular tag are below the interview.

Marceline Interview by Lesliewifeofbath

I met with Marceline shortly after her arrival to Solsthiem. Heavily pregnant, Marceline deigned to spend a rollicking half hour with me.

1. Hello! What's your name?
Annka Marceline Kaushbael, but you knew that, I think.

2. About how old are you?
It's not polite nor is it wise to ask a woman's age, but as you've asked and as I have nothing to hide, I'll tell you. I am 33 years old.

You are radient.
Darling, there is life after 30.

3. What food tempts you?
With a body like this? Eh, nothing normally, but seeing how I'm eating for three, well, I do crave a crispy baguette and some butter, occasionally, the odd bagel and lox.

Oh come on, no sweet rolls?
(Marceline scowls)

4. Do you go to school?
I was taught by the finest mind in all of Tamriel. His name was Master Ayron.

5. What animal are you or most related to you?
Odd question, but as I am at your disposal, I'd say a Dragon. After all, I am Dragonborn.

6. Are you straight, gay, or what?
(Marceline looks taken back, then sneers) Whichever one gets me where I want to be.

7. Have you hurt anyone in anyway?
Many, and in many ways.

8. Have you killed someone before? (Preferably human)
Of course. You don't get to be where I am with out stepping over a few dead bodies.

9. What class are you? (Low, medium, high)
High class, darling...high class.

10. Strengths? (Speed, strength, etc.)
A sharp mind, strength of purpose and ravishing looks. Don't roll your eyes, dear; it's unfitting for a person your age.

11. Well then. Any family?
Of course.  I'm living in the home of my father,
Turimar Kaushibael, Factor of Raven Rock and my mother Igna Morte Kaushibael. And of course, my husband Ondolemar.

12. What're your hobbies?
Turning gold into more gold, political intrigue and....interior decorating.

13. Got a crush?
I am fortunate that my husband is my crush. This time I married for love. It's been quite rewarding.

14. Thought about marriage or kids?
I believe we've already covered that, and I am sitting here in my last trimester. I'm due any day.

15. Are you female, male, or both?
Look at me. Do you really have to ask?

16. No, of course not. I'm sorry.  Anyway, are you human, werewolf, ghost, etc.?
I am Dunmer and Nord with a smattering of Breton and Imperial blood.

17. Any pet peeves?
Oh, just the usual. Stupidity for one (she glares intensely at me). I also don't like hearing the answer no. I rarely take it. There is always a way.

18. Do you have any special abilities?
I would say I am empathic. I know what people want and what they want to hear; that's helped me out of a few tight spots.

19. Any nicknames?
I was named for my great-grandmother Annika Blue, as is half the population of Raven Rock. After all, she was there Nerevarine and first Factor. I mean if you yelled out "Annka!" a dozen or so heads would turn. Actually, you should do that during the Feast of the Dead. It's hysterical. Anyway, I decided to distinguish myself from my counterparts and took my middle name. Marceline was my great, great-grandmother's name.

20. Birth defects?
(Marceline raises an eyebrow and sighs. I quickly move on to the next question.)

21. Do you have a pet, sidekick, partner of any kind?
My husband is my true partner, but I am closely affiliated with Atvir Dres and Aela. Angela Morrard is dear to me.

22. Do you have a picture of yourself?
Outside of the cover shot.
Yes, you can use this one. It's one of my favorites.

Interview II by Lesliewifeofbath

23. Someone stole your sweetroll?
Let them have it. I don't eat sticky, peasant food.

24. Who/What faction is your arch-nemesis?
Humph. I have a few enemies as I feel it's better to be feared than loved. As for an arch-nemesis, well, it's clearly  Elenwen, I'll never forgive that bitch--and trust me, one day you will read about her demise. I will wait and strike at her when she least expects it. I will make her suffer...and I will make her beg.

(Gulp) Anyone else?
Well, there's always Delphine, but she's no equal. She rather pathetic and not worth my enmity.

25. Where did you grow up?
I grew up in here in Solesthiem amid the rock and ash. It is the land of sea and fog.

The prodigal daughter returns.
Yes, you could say that.

26. Any tragedies that you would be willing to share?

Of course. Life is a series of little tragedies and I will tell you this: it is a liability to love.  The greatest tragedy for me, outside of my brother's death, was watching my great grandfather die. You see my great grandmother, Annika Blue, the Nerevarine lived for a long time, long past the average lifespan of a Breton or Imperial, but even then her life ended long before that of my grandfather, Julan Kaushibael, who was full-Dunmer. When I was young I watched him drink himself into infirmity.  You see, he never recovered from Annika's death. After witnessing that, I tucked my heart away, until I could hide it no longer...but...well, I know this sounds terrible, but I hope to outlive my husband, although I know there's little chance of that happening outside of some tragic accident as Altmer men live...well, they live for a very long time.

Interesting. Care to elaborate?

Not really, but I will. I...I just don't want to see Ondolemar to suffer as Julan did. It seems to me that women bear suffering and loss much better than their male counterparts.

She then turns away and stares out the window. It feels like an eternity before she turns back to me.

"Are we done here?" she says, almost coldly.

Yes, Marceline. Thank you for your time.

"My pleasure," she says as she rises, taking my hand into hers. I stand here mesmerized by her. She a thing a beauty and true force to be reckoned with.

Want to interview someone? Here are the rules:

A) Choose an OC.
B) Answer the questions as your OC.
C) Add an extra question and answer.
D) Tag four people please. (I doing more).

:iconheiwako: :iconalice-in-black: :iconsciencefinerd0725: :iconnorroendyrd: :icontarnisis: :icongaspode5:

Thank you :iconwhisper292:

Texture by Seykloren
Skin by Riemea
Marceline Interview by Lesliewifeofbath
Marceline Interview
For a Journal Entry: Interview with the Dragonborn. An Interview with the Dragonborn

Rendered in Gimp 2.6

Skyrim Bethesda Softworks©

The Courtesan Series can be found here:…
The Three Faces Of Lindsay by Lesliewifeofbath
The Three Faces Of Lindsay

The Setup:  I recently went back to Oblivion as I seem to reference Cyrodiil quite frequently in my works.  After playing with the facial development, I realized something: my Oblivion muse looks exactly like Lindsay Lohan.

Leslie:  (Stepping back and looking at my creation.) Wow, this is unexpected.

Lindsay: Umm, what the hell am I doing here?

Leslie:  You know, I’m not sure.

Lindsay:  You’re the one who brought me here! You should know what I’m doing here.

Leslie: I know, I know…Okay, so you’re in a game.  The Elder Scrolls—

Lindsay: Holy shit! I’ve always wanted to be the heroine in a video game! Wait, how come my manager didn’t’ tell me about this?

Leslie: That’s a bit hard to explain…See you’re

Lindsay:  Of course I am, but what’s my role?

Leslie: Well, I’m currently writing this fan fiction…

Lindsay: Oh, god! My career!

Leslie: Calm down, it’s not that bad.

Lindsay: Yes, yes it is. You know I’m a famous actress.

Leslie:  Of course I do.  I’ve seen at least four of your movies—no shit.  And you were truly fantastic, even in that craptastically written Georgia Rule.  You’re a great actress, but right now you’re a bit…

Lindsey: What?

Leslie: (Gulps) Uninsurable.  In fact, I’m a bit afraid to use you in this project. Seriously, I think you could bring my entire C drive crashing down.   But in spite of that, I think you’ll be great in this project.

Lindsay: Fine. What is my role in all this?

Leslie: Well, as I have written many works around the TES province of Cyrodiil, I wanted to go back into the game Oblivion in order to reference different spots and people. So what you will be doing is traveling to different towns and cities and playing various quests…Wait. What’s that sound? Oh, okay…Lindsay…you'’re asleep.  (Grabs a blanket and covers her up). I know it’s not a gray hoodie, but it will have to do…

Rendered in GIMP 2.6

Oblivion Bethesda Softworks©

Lindsay Lohan belongs entirely to herself. She's just here for a visit.

Come Closer by Lesliewifeofbath
Come Closer
As he stared into the fire Marceline mused how sonnets could be written about the green eyes staring into the flames.  His long, straight nose and high cheekbones looked chiseled in stone.  His jaw was clenched and his full lips pursed in an expression of deep dissatisfaction; clearly this Ondolemar was an exceedingly unhappy man, she thought.

From The Courtesan Series: Chapter 4: A Night at the Embassy

Ondolemar and Skyrim Bethesda Softworks©

I've wanted to do their first meeting for awhile.

As always the hands are a nightmare.
Who's That Girl? by Lesliewifeofbath
Who's That Girl?
Three words that can alter a girl's destiny...Marceline and Ondolemar at the Thalmor Embassy.

Ondolemar Skyrim Bethesda Softworks©
Ok peeps, my youngest is obsessed with ESO.  We are playing the free weekend. You can find Max under the user name Blackpanthermax. No, he has no understanding of the name or it's previous indications, he's just a little kitty having fun.
Just out of curiosity, who is your favorite Skyrim NPC? I'm going to throw a few names out there, feel free to comment.
3 deviants said Cicero
2 deviants said Odahviing
2 deviants said The Twins (Vilkas and Farkas). Not separating them.
1 deviant said Babette
1 deviant said Ondolemar
1 deviant said Brynjolf
1 deviant said Serana
1 deviant said Aela
No deviants said Ulfric
No deviants said Tullius.... I Really wish there were more lines....
I fucking hate April Fools. I wish I could stay at home under the covers.  I'm too gullible to be outside.
Action Shot by Lesliewifeofbath
Action Shot
One of those one in a million action shots.  Most of the time they're blurry or badly angled. This time it was perfect. I decided to do a black and white as I haven't seen many of those, and I think it makes it look like a real photo.

Marceline rendered in Gimp 2.6

Skyrim Bethesda Softworks©
I literally have thousands of screenshots. Would you be interested in seeing them?
10 deviants said Of course! What are you waiting for? Just make them pretty.
No deviants said Nope. I only want to see them if they are attacted to a story.
No deviants said Only if they are crotch shots.
No deviants said I thought this was a crotch shot.
Changed some stuff around today.  Moved the Courtesan Series to the Featured folder as that's what first pops up when looking at dA through the app. Also, I will be working on the next series The Cracked Crown, but I won't be releasing it to dA groups until the series is finished.  I hated making people wait around for installments.

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